Winter 1231

Our Menhir

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Latest chapter: Autumn 1231 - bringing back the Bramble Faeries

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Faerie Stories - AG0271

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Regular readers of the saga might be interested in Faerie Stories from Atlas Games. Our saga journal is but a single tale of how one troupe made their way through parts of Breton adventures; Faerie Stories offers full details and secrets (especially all the good bits they missed!), and other adventures set in Brittany (or elsewhere).

The Saga of Saxum Caribetum

(La Roche Caribet)

«Hack, cough...» Welcome!

I am Jehan, the Vilicus (or Steward), and it is my job to welcome you to this place:

Our Covenant is named after the Menhir (which provides the magical aura) at the centre of this glade in the Foręt de Lorge in Brittany. We have been here now for a little over VIII years: we started with nowt but the Menhir and a few tents, but now have a fine tall tower, and a village with a stone Church, Manor House and stout cottages for the coven-folk.

If you follow me, we can walk through the Covenant, across the stream, and I will take you to the magi's Council Chamber, from where you may meet the Magi, or visit the Library, or venture up to the Laboratories. Or if you prefer, you may rest in the Council chamber and hear our Saga read from the Journal by one of our scribes.

If you are on a longer journey, travelling through Brittany and France, we will be happy to provide directions to our Sodales in the other Covenants of the Normandy Tribunal. If you are going further afield, the Redcap can provide you with directions to all the Covenants in Europe.

If you plan to return, you might like to consult the magi's plans, or the Annual Calendar of Events.

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